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"Dan Lavoie: A Night of Acoustic Music" • Main Gallery (Reserved)


New York based singer-songwriter, Dan Lavoie, returms to Montrose, Colorado, Thursday evening, October 26, 2017, when Healthy Rhythm Music Presents "Dan Lavoie: A Night of Acoustic Music", live at Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery!

Reserved Main Gallery seating available. Suggested donation $12.50. After show Meet & Greet included. Advance reservation recommended. This is a ticketless event. HRM utilizes a computerized guest list. Please provide First and Last names.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. Limited seating. Street and rear lot parking available.

Dan Lavoie's style brings a fresh new sound to the table with influences of rock, blues, folk, classical and funk jam messed together to create what many have called traveling music. His music reflects personal life experiences from the road and home through heartache, love and ultimately hope for a better future. On his musical journey Dan embraced the path of a singer/songwriter while staying true to his electric roots creating a very unique sound with a wide range of influences including Jimi Hendrix, Jack Johnson, Chet Atkins, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Allman Brothers Django Reinhardt, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Trey Anastasio and many others. Lavoie has made a name for himself touring heavily across the US using the road as a centerpiece for his creativity and inspiration. He was included on the Hudson Valley's best concert list for TOP TEN Best Concerts. www.facebook.com/danlavoiemusicianband

"At that moment, he launched headfirst into an untitled instrumental, a sprawling magnificence that really showed off his incredible guitar-playing. But his talent didn’t stop there. When he began to play songs off his new album, To the Water’s Edge, he displayed the great mix between his rough voice and his beautiful guitar playing. His voice ranged from an airy yearning to a grumble, all the meanwhile playing complicated acoustic guitar" "His love for Jimi Hendrix definitely shows, as he seems to have taken Hendrix’s electric guitar skills and translated them into an acoustic configuration." - Zach Silva of PPR Radio

"Dan Lavoie’s unique guitar style and powerful voice. Interwoven with well known covers, Lavoie impressed the crowd with his lyrical prowess. Lavoie’s debut album "To The Waters Edge”, which he recorded with well known producer, singer, and songwriter Fred Gillen, Jr., was released on December 29th and he has been promoting it around the entire Hudson Valley, New York City and Connecticut areas, with a brief tour through Philadelphia" - Cara Irizarry, philly2nite

"That was some of the finest guitar playing I have seen" - Chris Trapper of the Push Stars

“The strength, soul, and heart of his voice and guitar playing permeates every corner of the room, while simultaneously weaving it’s way into your bloodstream. He’s that good. He’ll remind you of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and someone else that we can’t quite put our finger on…and yet, he has a certain je nai se qua that mesmerizes you from the opening note to the closing chord. He’s that good. While listening to his musical stylings, an executive from Esquire Magazine noticed us tapping away on our iPad. He wanted to know if we were covering Dan, because, "this guy is freaking awesome.” Yes, he’s that good." - Megan Minutillo of "The Write Teacher" from the Music Magik Series

Healthy Rhythm Music (HRM) is a creative arm of Healthy Rhythm Consulting. The mission of HRM is to Identify, Manage, Enhance, and Promote Indie Artists and Bands who have a deep commitment to a career in music as their primary focus.

Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery (HRCAG) is about Art and Music. The Gallery affords diverse individuals a user-friendly space to create, exhibit, and sell a variety of artwork. The Gallery, located at 68 S Grand Ave in Montrose, Colorado, also houses an intimate Live Performance Venue. Gallery hours are 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, 12:30-7 p.m. Saturday. Advance appointment only on Sunday. www.healthyrhythm.net

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*There are no refunds or exchanges for this show. All sales are final. The only exception to this policy is if a show is cancelled. In the event of show cancellation, seating purchases will be honored when the show is rescheduled. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled show, your seating purchase will be refunded at the point of service minus any fees that may apply.